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Working for local commercial and domestic cleaning company


When my both kids started going to school and I had time to work few hours a day in the morning and evening. I started looking for a job as a cleaner and soon i was working for a local commercial and domestic cleaning company. I like meeting new people and was happy to work again. The cleaning company lead to me to cleaning houses in day time and in the evenings the office building and HGV repair workshop.



The birth of Miss Cleaner


I really enjoyed working with great domestic cleaning teams, the girls showed me some more tricks of the trade. Thanks girls!

With commercial cleaning I wasn't so lucky. I remember my first evening I was taken in a minivan next to the office building and left there. The cleaner who was suppose to show me around and work with me was running late, as he did everyday afterwards. However offices and the mechanics workshop still needed to be cleaned. It was not enough time to clean the office and workshop, because my colleague started to come later and later, unfortunately nothing was done about it. If something was wrong I was getting the blame and in the very harsh way. Luckily all the staff from the companies I was cleaning in was very nice with me and cooperating. Thank you everyone!

My last evening my colleague cleaner was running late 2 hours. When I went to report that to manager, my colleague was sitting there drinking a tea... I was very upset.

I rung my husband and remember word to word like it happened today, he said: you know what, you was to good for them to understand and accept it, but I know your value and I will start selling you! And he did. He actually literally started selling me AND that was the birth of Miss Cleaner - helping hand when you need it.

Now, after 4 years Miss Cleaner has few cleaning teams helping around your home and work.